Crude Oil Solutions

TAN Reduction, H2S Reduction, RVP Stabilization, Blending

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Innovative Solutions to Alternative Crude Markets

The Industry is always challenged by the commodity values with ever changing market conditions on a global basis.  Our organization pushes the boundaries of market innovation and creates additional value unrealized by our customers.

We provide a service and solution approach with semi permanent mobile infrastructure and complimentary technology that minimizes capital expenditures to reduce risk.  We also provide temporary tankage that supports uplift opportunities on commodities captured or used as fuel storage sources and even sales of process vapor capture. Our commercialization strategy is about mutual shared risk and approach.  We will leverage and risk existing assets and technology to support our customers.  We are there for the industry in the long term with a vision for the future.

Aureus has a proven method for the reduction of TAN (Total Acid Number) and H2S in effected crude oil streams. Hydrocarbon products with high TAN and H2S values are often sold at discounted rates, or not accepted by some refiners.

Our patented process uses a chemical and mechanical solution to get crude oil back to refiner specifications and ensure producers receive the highest value for their products. Our Tan Reduction Process (TAN-RP) is designed to drop the TAN number to below 1.0mgKOH/g without changing any other properties of the oil beyond pipeline specs. We are also able to reduce H2S levels or Stabilize RVP values to below pipeline or rail car specifications without changing any other oil properties.