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Navigating the Dewatering Industry into Uncharted Waters

Aureus applies our leading edge technology to drive industry safety and environmental protection to new heights, while providing the best customer experience in North America. Our dedication to the technical design phase of each project allows us to engage during installation, with the option to oversee operations on the ground level or provide rental equipment packages throughout the life cycle of each project.

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Efficient and Advanced SCADA Based Technology Solutions

The Aureus design team has proven expertise in designing and constructing water solutions for any application. Using advanced software platforms, our engineers can map detailed topographies, draft 3D images, determine specific equipment requirements, construct engineered solutions and provide advanced monitoring and control solutions.  Our custom designed sound attenuated pumps are even quieter than other currently available solutions.

Aureus owns and maintains an extensive pumping fleeting, consisting of both electric and diesel-powered pumps and various sizes of lay flat hose. This reduces the need for rental equipment and allows us to maintain our service quality.

Aureus has implemented a unique SCADA solution that has been installed on our entire pumping fleet. This technology allows for full remote control and monitoring of pumping operations, allowing both reduced manpower requirements and the safest and most efficient operations. The full benefits of our SCADA platform are as follows: