Groundwater Dewatering, Sediment Control, Filtration & Treatment

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Groundwater Dewatering, Sediment Control, Filtration & Treatment


In combination with our custom designed pump systems, sediment control solutions and team hydrologist, Aureus is well positioned to effectively deal with nuisance water on your site.  Groundwater infiltration and surface water can be controlled through a variety of custom-tailored systems including but not limited to:

Sediment Control Solutions & Innovative Water Treatment

Using a variety of treatment process including our proprietary, custom engineered and designed zero-atmosphere system, filter presses, floc tanks, media filters bag filters and more Aureus can provide uniquely tailored water treatment solutions that are innovative, environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient. Whether your construction and dewatering processes require the filtration of sediment, sludge and suspended solids, or your water requires the remediation of contaminants such as metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria and more. Aureus provides best-in-class treatment and filtration options. With our on-site testing capabilities Aureus will ensure your fluids meet the appropriate regulatory requirements for discharge or are suitable for your end-use processes.

We provide sediment control and treatment solutions that are:

We can handle: