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Mining, Minerals & Energy Services


Aureus is committed to providing solution-based services to Canada’s mining and energy industry so they can continue to produce the most competitive, clean, and ethically sourced products on the market. Canada’s energy producers from mining to in-situ have long put us at the global forefront in Oil and Gas. However many are unaware that Canada’s producers in the mining and mineral industry make us the leading producer of Potash globally, while ranking in the Top 5 for cobalt, diamonds, gold, nickel, platinum and uranium. (Gov. GC, May 2019).

Canadian coal producers provide some of the cleanest most ethical coal in the world. In 2018, Canada produced 62Mt of coal, 49% of that is some of the highest grade, steel-making coal on the market. Putting us 13th as a global supplier. The demand for metallurgical coal will continue long after coal-fired electricity is phased out nationally.

Canada is also rich with rock and mineral deposits that are prime for gravel pit and quarry construction, meeting the every-day needs for a variety of end-use clients.



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