Sour Fluid Treatment

Socially Responsible H2S Removal

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Zero Odour, Zero Emissions

Aureus’s unique approach combines a proprietary chemical and mechanical process to fully eliminate H2S in flowback and reuse applications.  We go beyond traditional technology by dismantling the H2S, allowing water to be recycled and reused, avoiding costly trucking and disposal.  The ZA system has a proven track record of performance, safety and economic benefit for our clients.

Aureus Advantages:

Levels of Treatment

High Rate/High Sour Treatment: Aureus’s unique multistage treatment process combines mechanical gas stripping through our ZA unit, along with chemical injection for polishing.  This system can accommodate H2S levels greater 15% and flow rates up to 2,500m³/day (15,000bbl/day).

Standard Sour Process: Our standard process is a single stage treatment process for degassing and chemical treatment.  This method is capable of handling up to 2% H2S and flow rates of 500m³/day (3,000bbl/day).

Low Level Sour Treatment: For low H2S Concentrations, we use solely a chemical injection unit which can be paired with biocide if required.  The delivery method can be pipeline direct injection or production tanks.  Treatment of up to 100ppm H2S and unlimited daily flowrates.

Treatment Applications: