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Innovative High Volume, High Rate Water Transfer Services

Aureus is leading the oil & gas water transfer industry through the design and implementation of some of the most unique and challenging water transfer projects. With the evolution of the size and scope of hydraulic fracturing, water transfer plays an important role in economically completing oil and gas wells.

By bringing together many years of experience throughout operations, sales and engineering, Aureus can deliver comprehensive and holistic solutions for our client’s water transfer needs. Aureus owns one of the largest asset bases in Canada, which ultimately translates to reduced costs for our clients.

Services We Provide:

Innovative, Sound Solutions

The Aureus design team has proven expertise in designing and constructing water solutions for demanding hydraulic fracturing operations.  To date, Aureus has performed some of the longest and most technical transfer solutions under extreme weather conditions.  Using our advanced software platform, our engineers can create detailed maps and construct technical solutions utilizing our unique asset base.  Finally, our advanced monitoring and control solutions ensure proper job execution.

Some of the highlights of our diverse asset base includes:


24 Hour SCADA Monitoring

Aureus has built and implemented our unique SCADA platform across our entire pumping fleet.  This technology allows for full remote control and monitoring of pumping operations, allowing both reduced manpower requirements and the safest and most efficient operations. The full benefits of our SCADA platform are as follows: