Water Treating

Conserving Water with Game Changing Water Treatment Technology

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Reliable and Reputable Zero Atmosphere Treatment Process

The Zero Atmosphere (ZA) water treatment process is a uniquely tailored approach with a responsible process for ‘clean brine’ applications. Integrating Aureus’s proprietary chemical mixture and application, we can effectively and efficiently treat large volumes of produced or flowback fluid for reuse applications.  Our proprietary CRT chemical additive eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like chlorine dioxide.  The ZA process is a cleaner, safer and better method for flowback and produced water management.

The ZA process can be custom tailored to address the following:

Tailored Multi-Level Water Treatment

The ZA process offers multiple levels of water treatment which are tailored to our customer’s specific challenges:

Chemical addition system which injects a tailored package inline, at any point in the production process to address:

Tier 3

Tier 2

Chemical package paired with our mechanical degas and phase separation technology (ZA) to treat:

Tier 1

Our refined process to remove specific ionically incompatible elements that interfere with frac chemistry and reservoir fluid. This ‘clean brine’ solution treats all off the above plus:

Aureus treatment capacity is > 200 million barrels annually