We are pleased to announce the Rockies Division of Aureus Energy Services located in Nunn, Colorado completed their 2019-2020 Super Heater Training Course on September 30, 2019. The program which was prepared by Aureus’ Heater Project Managers, Wayne Hayden, Pierre Lavoie, Heater Supervisor Jeff Hildebrand, and support from the US Rockies Region staff. The course ran for four consecutive weeks and consisted of six days of training utilizing Aureus Energy’s 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation Skid Mounted Super Heaters. In total, 49 people were certified as heater operators throughout the program.

These state of the art, Super Heaters developed by Aureus Energy introduces a variety of safety measures unseen, let alone used in the Oil & Gas industry until now. The plan is simple, to instill safety and efficiency for the industry and to operate the most technologically advanced products available.

As safety is our number one priority, daily meetings along with both large and small group training events were conducted to ensure safety procedures were learned and fully understood. Proper PPE and protocols were used, taught and reviewed continuously throughout the training. Trainee operators were introduced to multiple generations of the machines and trained with both propane and CNG fueling options.