Sour Fluid Treatment

Socially Responsible H2S Removal

Zero Odor, Zero Emissions

Aureus’s unique approach combines a proprietary chemical and mechanical process to fully eliminate H2S in flowback and reuse applications. We go beyond traditional chemical technology by using mechanical agitation and purge gas to reduce the H2S to a point where only minimal chemical polishing is required. Allowing water to be recycled and reused, avoiding costly trucking and disposal. The Zero Atmosphere system has a proven track record of performance, safety and economic benefit for our clients.


Aureus Advantages:

  • Zero Emissions or Odors
  • High Rate Mobile Platform
  • High Sour Capable
  • Non-hazardous Atmosphere
  • Cost Effective
  • Fit for Purpose Solutions

    We can help you reach your ESG goals

    Types of Treatment

    High Rate/High Sour Zero Atmosphere Treatment

    Aureus’s unique multistage treatment process combines mechanical gas stripping through our Zero Atmosphere unit, along with chemical injection for polishing. This system can accommodate H2S levels greater 15% and flow rates up to 2,500m³/day (15,000bbl/day).

    Sour Fluid Treatment Auxcide Trailer

    Auxcide Treatment

    For low H2S Concentrations, we use a chemical injection unit we call Auxcide. Our state of the art Auxcide units are capable of automated treatment. Using various inline measurements we are able to control the flow rates, chemical dosing, blend ratios and more.

    • Treatment of up to 500ppm H2S and up to 25m³/min
    • Inject up to 3 separate chemicals – scale inhibitors, biocides, oxidizers, scavengers, and more.
    • View the injection unit online via our SCADA platform
    • Combines flow 2 separate sources, meters and blends them to the desired ratio.