Calgary, Alberta, November 15, 2022 – Aureus Energy Services Inc. (“Aureus” or the “Company”), an industry-leading provider of water management services across North America, is pleased to announce today that the Company has officially received its commercial license for its Scottsdale
Water Recycle Facility (the “SWRF”). The SWRF is the Company’s state-of-the-art water recycling facility in Upton County, Texas that enables Aureus to process and recycle third-party water volumes. The SWRF positions Aureus to offer sustainable environmental solutions for customers seeking safe,
efficient and cost-effective recycling of their produced and frac water in West Texas.

Scottsdale Commercial Water Recycling Facility
The SWRF is ideally situated in the heart of the Midland Basin, which continues to be active for oil and gas development. Set on an efficient, 50-acre footprint, the SWRF features a throughput capacity of over 60,000 barrels per day of recycled produced water, with the potential for Aureus to rapidly
double this capacity as demand increases.
“I am proud to confirm that Aureus has commissioned our first commercial water recycling facility in Upton County, Texas that can provide customers with a safe and innovative way to recycle their produced water, ultimately turning produced water into an asset.” said Jason Tocheniuk, Aureus’ President and CEO. “This project began when a customer asked us to help solve an issue related to freshwater shortages in an area that was targeted for aggressive development and Aureus had an innovative, technology-based solution.”

Sustainable Solutions Drive Improved Customer ESG Performance
The SWRF features Aureus’ Zero Atmosphere enclosed tank water recycling system, which treats and processes produced and frac water through a clarification process that allows water to be recovered for reuse in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Aureus’ technology is differentiated
from its peers, in that the pressurized vessels are sealed and, in combination with the mechanical treating process, can handle continuous and intermittent concentrations of H
2S safely and economically. As a result of these innovative technologies, Aureus can deliver the best quality water
that meets or exceeds specifications while passing on cost savings to our customers.
Aureus’ proven and industry-leading technology will reduce waste steam and water handling costs by up to 50%, while delivering the most environmentally sustainable water recycling solutions. Aureus’ proprietary recycling systems remove solids and emulsified oil from produced water with zero
associated emissions, and can easily be configured to run on lower carbon grid electricity. This allows customers to realize cost savings, lower emissions, and eliminate the use of fresh water – all of which help to advance our customers’ ESG goals. Further, Aureus’ web-based Scada system offers access to
automated, real-time monitoring and gives a 24-7 view of fluid throughput volumes, treatment and recycling data, driving ongoing cost savings and enhanced environmental stewardship for customers.
Learn more about Aureus’ innovative solutions for water recycling through a brief corporate video
available here.

President & CEO Relocates to Texas
In order to further support the exciting growth in U.S. operations and the additional exciting initiatives the Aureus is embarking on, Mr. Tocheniuk has relocated to Texas. His primary focus will be to enhance Aureus’ business, exposure and presence in the U.S., and to replicate the success the Aureus
team has realized through establishing Aureus’ business in Canada over the past ten years. Mr. Tocheniuk’s relocation would not have been possible without the depth of our Canadian team and its continued operational excellence.

Aureus is a leading provider of water management solutions to the oil and gas industry across North America. We pride ourselves on providing innovative, technology-based friendly solutions that can help clients reduce costs, enhance energy efficiencies and limit environmental impact. Aureus’
proprietary water recycling/treating technology along with our unique SCADA technology within the Heating and Water Transfer business contribute to safe and efficient operations. By implementing Aureus’ technologies, clients can improve water conservation while reducing manpower requirements, generate less fuel usage and less waste, and ultimately, minimize their environmental footprint.

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