Since its founding in 2007, Amperage has built an extensive fleet of mobile water treatment equipment with operating bases in both southern Alberta and northeast British Columbia. The company has created proven and patented methods of providing environmentally responsible and commercially successful on-site water treatment, as well as innovative technologies for SAGD operations and other industries. Amperage’s fleet can treat up to 50,000m³ (300,000bbl) per day, depending on the amount of treatment required.

Jason Tocheniuk, Founder and CEO of Aureus commented “I am extremely pleased that by combining Aureus and Amperage, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive service offering across the full life cycle of water and industrial fluids. As the oil and gas industry continues to push the use of produced water in fracturing operations, the demand for onsite treatment continues to grow. Aureus and Amperage will be well-positioned to enable our customers to optimize their water management programs and economically reuse water.”

Chad Randal, founder and CEO of Amperage, has joined Aureus as the Vice President of Fluid Technologies and now sits on the Board of Directors of Aureus. Mr. Randal, who will continue to focus on providing technology based solutions within the sector commented “Amperage has been providing innovative and practical solutions to the water management industry for years. The combined entity will have the resources and expertise to enhance our service offerings to a larger customer base throughout the North American basins.”

There will be no changes at this time for our clients, as both Amperage and Aureus will continue to work under their own names until future notice. Aureus and Amperage would like to thank our clients for their continued support.

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