Treatment & Recycling

Produced and Frac Water Treatment and Reuse

We offer a range of mechanical and chemical treatment technologies that address the concerns around fresh and produced water used on completions operations. We incorporate state of the art automation and process management allowing us to deliver the best quality water at a low cost to our customers.

  • Cleaner water = better well performance
  • Better technology = more uptime, minimal offspec events
  • Sealed processes = lower risk to the environment and personnel

We can help you reach your ESG goals


Our Tier 1 Zero Atmosphere system is our proprietary mechanical and chemical process to remove solids and emulsified oil from produced water.

The heart of the technology is a 500bbl vessel which separates ultrafine solids and breaks emulsions without the use of a filter membrane that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Each vessel is capable of up to 20,000bbl/d and the system is modular so additional capacity is easily installed to fit the customers requirements.

Our ZA process is also automated to reduce labor requirements and provide live data on the process.

Sour Fluid Treatment Auxcide Trailer

On-The-Fly Disinfection

The DI-AUXCIDE unit incorporates a three-precursor on-site generation of high quality chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to effectively treat and disinfect fracturing water on the fly. Di-Auxcide is capable of treating fresh and produced water sources at rates up to 150bpm. Built in redundancy on our units significantly reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Oxidation of H2S, FeS (and other sulfides), SRB (sulfate reducing bacteria), APB (acid producing bacteria), coupled with low residual levels of chlorine dioxide produces a treated frac water that does not adversely affect slick water frac fluid systems. Our mobile units are capable of generating up to 2,000 lbs per day of ClO2.

Our AUXCIDE blending/ treating trailer unit is designed to provide a consistent source water blend and chemical treatment. AUXIDE is fully automated to operate at a set chemical dosing or ,to maintain ORP, pH, residual Cl, and conductivity, without operator intervention. This prevents over treatment with oxidizers which can potentially affect frac polymer chemistry. To guarantee adequate mixtures prior to leaving our blend unit we use an inline static mixer. AUXIDE is capable of pumping all common types of oxidizers to meet the needs of our clients. The unit is also capable of injecting 3 chemicals simultaneously. Commonly, biocides, scale inhibitors, and more.

All of our automated treatment systems provide a 24/7 view of fluid flow volume, treatment dosage, pH and ORP levels to ensure total treatment via our VTScadaTM system. To ensure adequate kill and sensor accuracy, pH, ORP, chlorides and chlorine dioxide/ free chlorine+residual are tested by our skilled operators on site. Bacteria levels can be monitored on site with instant results with ATP technology. All data will be accessible to the customer real time on the online customer portal.

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