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Aureus has assembled one of the largest hot oiler and high-pressure pumping fleets in Grande Prairie. These units have many uses including short duration heating of fluids, pressure testing, various plant turnarounds and workover projects. Aureus has created a reputation for strong service performance by building modern equipment but also retaining the best people both in the field and the office.

Solutions we Perform

  • Upstream Dewaxing – Annulus, tubular, rod string, casing flushes, chemical blending, loading, delivery and sales
  • Midstream Dewaxing – Surface lines, pipelines, tank cleaning, flushes, chemical blending, loading, delivery and sales
  • Abandonment Support – Pressure testing, flushes, dewaxing
  • DFIT (Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test) – Up to 1 m3/min and pressures up to 10,000 psi
  • Back Pressure – Ability to provide heat services while maintaining and recording pressure
  • Liner Sets – with the ability to tie into drill pipe and casing simultaneously, while monitoring each separately
  • Custom Fluids – Pumping acid and other production blends
  • Coil Tubing – Pressure and pumping support for CT operations
  • Plant turnarounds – Zero entry tank cleaning, chemical and solvent washing, dewaxing, fluid hauling, waste management

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Modern and Diversified

Aureus’ hot oiler and pressure pumping division consists of many late model trucks with pressure capabilities up to 15,000psi (103.4MPa). We have one of the most diverse fleets with burners sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11MMBtu. All chassis meet road ban requirements allowing us to service our clients under any road conditions.

  • Units from 5.5MMBtu to 11MMBtu, based on heating requirements
  • Pumping and pressure testing up to 15,000psi (103.4MPa)
  • Ability to haul between 25bbl to 50bbl (4-8m³)
  • 0-15,000psi (103.4MPa) pressure ratings
  • Top of the line vehicle and iron maintenance program
  • Iron restraints rated to 15,000psi (103.4MPa)
  • Tri-drive trucks allowing a respectable volume of fluids or chemicals to be transported to site
  • Data acquisitions on all trucks
  • Operator cabs for long term pressure work
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