Fluid Transfer

Innovative Solutions for Water Transfer, V2 Complete Automation

Aureus uses a leading-edge SCADA platform for our Automated pumps. Since 2015, Aureus in partnership with a strategic vendor has internally developed an automation system to drive the safest and most efficient working environment for our professional staff and our clients.

Recently in 2021 Aureus has finalized our V2 SCADA with fully programmed autonomous pumping solutions. Currently Aureus is upgrading our whole fleet including the roll out of our remote stand-alone SCAD packages that allow us to use our technology on sometimes necessary scope specific specialty pumps from our vendors.

Aureus’s primary goal was to increase safety, pressure management, continuous monitoring, reduction in required technicians. After deploying and continually modernizing our SCADA platform we have helped both Aureus and our clients achieve our respective ESG Goals by reducing vehicles on the road and impact to the environment. Also, with integrating our heating platform and through our continuous monitoring we have been able to further reduce emissions by automated management of desired temps driving continued fuel efficiency.

We can help you reach your ESG goals

Fully Autonomous V2

As mentioned above aureus recently put the final touches on our V2 full Autonomous program. With new built in communication technology between pumping and flow monitoring units, we have no of risk of communication downtime. And the now added simplicity of entering a desire rate with pressure set points a line with 1-infinit pumps will autonomously, safely, and efficiently achieve desired rates.

V2 Flow Monitoring and Data Acquisition

Another new feature with our V2 platform is our integrated flow management and data recording skids, using the same new communication technology resulting in 100 % efficiency in data and flow management.

Electric Pumps

Aureus pioneered a very innovative fully electrified high-rate source diversion for a client back in 2017. Since then, we have continued to expand our fleet of electric pumps further reducing our emissions with better and more reliable pumping results. Aureus has also integrated electric pumps into our treatment division and recycling facilities.

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