Frac Fluid Heating

Substantially Reducing Emissions Since 2012

Aureus Bi-Fuel / Ultra Compact fluid Heating Skids

In 2019 Aureus Displaced ~40 MM liters (~25 MM Gal) with cleaner burning NG and NGLs

Aureus was the pioneer of the modern and ultra compact fluid heating skids to the Canadian and then USA Markets. Since inception, Aureus has gone though many phases of continuous improvements to our units such as improved burner management systems (BMS), advanced pilot controls, CSA compliance for both Natural GAS and NGLs, such as LPG. Aureus has also integrated our SCADA platform for continuous monitoring of our heater packages. Included with the advanced BMS our safety features meet and exceed all requirements for heating appliance, including N2 fire suppression.

All of our Gas / NGL heating skids have a built-in bypass for high-rate pumping with minimal back pressure. From the beginning these fluid heating skids have reduced additional pump requirements in most applications, with the unique design of using existing fluid dynamics for fluid diversion. Tangible benefits of this design have reduced the unnecessary need for excess diesel consumption. Also with our low power requirements we are able to tie into most existing power supply on any location for further reduction in high carbon fuel burn.

Aureus’s primary goal is to use our fluid heating skids with the most environmentally friendly fuels such as clean burning NG. Aureus has committed capital, R&D and further resources to optimize our fluid heating skids to be the most environmentally friendly, maintaining an economically viable profile for our clients while creating value for our stakeholders. Since conception in 2012, Aureus has reduced emission compared to legacy carbon intensive fuels such as diesel and Kerosene by an estimated 55,000 Metric Tonnes of CO2. Since 2019 Aureus tracks this number for our own Internal ESG commitment and Goals.

Creating Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Aureus Energy has significantly reduced emissions by burning clean natural gas



Carbon dioxide emissions



Nitrogen oxide emissions



Carbon monoxide emissions



Particle matter emissions

We can help you reach your ESG goals

Remote SCADA Monitoring

As mentioned above aureus incorporated our SCADA platform into our new and old generation of heaters since 2018. This feature allows for integrated services and clients monitor run time, fuel management and temperature performance in and out of the heater. Although NG and NGLs have a much lower carbon footprint remote monitoring allows for continued fuel management decreasing emission further.

Aureus Automation for Remote SCADA Monitoring

Compliance with our Fuel Sources

Aureus has ensured our design is compliant with CSA standards for Bi-fuel use. We are one of the largest heating suppliers in North America, we have the most qualified and talented professionals with extensive experience in using CNG, LNG, LPG, or direct off the pipeline fuels.

Mobile Heating Fleet

We have always been committed to our ESG goals and helping our clients achieve their goals Aureus has not invested in any high carbon intensive fueled heaters since 2013. However, we do maintain a respectable fleet ranging from 5-24 MMBTU mobile heating units. These units are great for smaller, remote and / or emergency heating services. With their quick rig up and built-in fuel storage, the lack of ancillary services or fuel infrastructure required these units can still execute the project while not having a negative environmental impact.

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