At Aureus, we believe in supporting the communities we operate within. This is an important and founding principal that we are always looking to deliver upon. It was for this reason that we wanted to find an innovative way to offer support while simultaneously allowing our industry partners to also help raise funds for a good cause.  In the month of April we decided to donate a portion of our Hot Oiling services revenue to the Grande Prairie Friendship Center (GPFC).  Aureus’ initiative has been well received by our partners and we are happy to announce that over $17,000 has been raised for the GPFC.

The GPFC was created to deliver programs that meet the needs of Indigenous people in our community migrating to urban centers.  They strive to bridge the cultural gap between indigenous and non Indigenous communities through a wide variety of initiatives.  In partnership with the Salvation Army the GPFC offers a community kitchen that serves three hot meals a day (Monday thru Friday) for people in our community that are in need. This donation is given directly to the GPFC and may be used to assist in funding any number of their current programs.  For more information about the organization visit