Frac Fluid Heating

Substantially Reducing Emissions Since 2012


In 2019 Aureus Displaced ~40 MM liters (~25 MM Gal) with cleaner burning NG and NGLs
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Compact and Efficient Super Heating Systems

Aureus gas fueled superheaters are designed with the latest technology to offer the highest in heating performance along with ultra compact design. These units drastically reduce fuel cost and emissions when compared to conventional diesel-powered heaters.

All of our heaters feature advanced burner management systems and low loss burner boxes. Our Gen4 units take it to the next level with remote SCADA monitoring along with high/low level alarms for fuel and temperature. As one of our corporate disciplines, we put safety first by building in LEL monitors, Emergency shut downs and a nitrogen fire suppression system.

Acceptable Fuel Sources:

The Aureus Advantage

Creating Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Aureus Energy Has Significantly Reduced Emissions By Burning Clean Natural Gas
  • 27%

    CO2 Down

    Carbon dioxide emissions
  • 90%

    NOx Down

    Nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 25%

    CO Down

    Carbon monoxide emissions
  • 27%

    PM Down

    Particle matter emissions